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Travel Stories

Must we travel to have stories to tell? I've found it can help. Not that I write many stories when I travel. It usually takes months, more often years, for those days abroad to settle and become legible in a mind cluttered with sights, sounds, smells and people. I wish I had written more when I travelled in my 20s. It would make what comes next a lot easier.


I hope I can remember enough to tell the right travel stories and I hope that anything I've forgotten was not worth telling. Still, the fun is in the trying and what comes next is me trying to recollect the best of my travels from when I was 18 until now. The ones that come after should be easier to get down. 

Not everything you see below will be a travel story in its purest form. As much as I would love to always blend literature with travel accounts, there is still a place for listicles and guides here. You'll find them neatly and clearly stored on these digital bookshelves. Check one out, put it back; it won't cost you more than time. 

One final thing before you scroll below to read whatever travel stories I've managed to compile: never read as much as you travel but try to read every day, if you can. And if you ever find yourself with months or years of uninterrupted adventures across the world at your feet, embrace them all. They will last long after you've shoved your backpack back into your closet. 

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